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mining Even the richest mine has no value if it can’t produce. Like aerospace and oil and gas drilling equipment, the mining industry is dependent on durable and precisely engineered machinery that sees extremely rough use. And rough use can directly relate to equipment breakdowns, mishaps and other circumstances that bring production to an abrupt halt. Mines are costly to run and are only profitable if operating around the clock; even a seemingly mundane part failure can balloon costs beyond imagination.

Like power generation, mine sites can be located in regions that simply do not facilitate ready access by either traditional or extraordinary means. Because of this, the Charter Store staff has developed expertise in securing aircraft capable of landing on anything from gravel to ice and in and in almost every type of environment. And like any complicated logistical project, our expert brokers love a good challenge and realize great satisfaction on our successful missions.

We’re dedicated and passionate about providing the absolute best in charter services. Call or email us at any time for a quote or to discuss your charter project. We’re anxious to demonstrate what our decades of knowhow, unmatched experience and global network of partners can deliver for your individual requirements.

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