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An automotive manufacturing and supply process can at times be a fragile entity and subject to sudden halts in the work flow that can have near disastrous consequences. Everything from human error to weather to mechanical incidents can wreak havoc and bring the robust production system to a grinding halt. And time is money-these unanticipated shutdowns can have a domino effect all down the supply chain, costing tens of thousands dollars an hour-even per minute.

When the unthinkable suddenly become today’s reality, we’ll get the call to arrange an urgent charter; delivering the needed parts as quickly as possible. Expertise, response time and knowhow can make the difference between machinery idle and a smooth assembly line re-start.

We can generally quote “NAFTA” region charters in minutes and more often than not have an airplane wheels-up in the air within 60-90 minutes from the customer’s order. If required, this critical pre-flight time can be used smartly to arrange pick up of the goods at the manufacturer and delivery to the closest airport where the airplane will be loaded. Upon arrival, hand delivery to the consignee’s driver or even door delivery can be coordinated based upon the customer’s request.

We’re dedicated and passionate about providing the absolute best in charter services. Call or email us at any time for a quote or to discuss your charter project. We’re anxious to demonstrate what our decades of knowhow, unmatched experience and global network of partners can deliver for your individual requirements.

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