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aerospace Aircraft and satellites are an extremely complicated and sophisticated assemblage of unique and high value components and can often be sourced from subcontractors and manufacturers worldwide. Everything from engines to wing assemblies to sensitive electronics may be procured globally and afar from the final build site. And when production lags behind expectations and deadlines, traditional transportation is frequently discarded in favor of an air charter solution.

Adding to this logistical challenge of properly moving these parts can be their sheer size and value. From fuselage skin sections to outsize mega-bypass engine fan assemblies, dimension and scale are the order of the day and often call for the largest aircraft on the market. Alternatively, mission critical satellite parts that literally fit into a hand can indeed call for just that: a last minute and secure hand- carry to where the components are needed. Regardless of the urgent need, the team at the Charter Store can arrange a myriad of tailored solutions that provide speed and security.

We’re dedicated and passionate about providing the absolute best in charter services. Call or email us at any time for a quote or to discuss your charter project. We’re anxious to demonstrate what our decades of knowhow, unmatched experience and global network of partners can deliver for your individual requirements.

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